Mobile Grooming
Mobile Grooming

Our groomer, Kevin Gibson, will drive our mobile grooming van to you! We service within a 60-mile radius from our Birdsboro facility, with an additional surcharge applied for customers located more than 15 miles from our Birdsboro facility as outlined below. We bring our quality grooming service right to your driveway with our mobile salon that is fully self-contained with power and heated water on board. Scroll down for a virtual tour of our mobile salon.

Mobile Pet Grooming Pricing*

Baths & Nails: $75

Full Groom:

  • Standard: $75
  • Large or Long Hair Breeds: $75-90
  • Giant/X-Large Breeds: $90-120
  • All “Doodles”: $90-$120
  • Cats: $75 (Customer is required to hold cat during grooming)

Full Groom includes Bath, Nail Clipping, Ear and Eye Cleaning, Trim and Brush Out.

Examples of large, long hair breeds: Doodles, Goldens, Aussies, Collies, Huskies, German Shepherds, Akitas, etc.

Examples of Giant/X-Large Breeds: Giant Schnauzers, Standard Poodles, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, St Bernards, etc.

*Additional sales tax applies for all grooming.

An additional surcharge will be applied of $20.00 per visit for customers 15-30 miles away and $30.00 per visit for customers >30 miles from our Birdsboro facility.

For all dogs and cats, proof of up-to-date Rabies vaccination from your veterinarian is required at time of each groom.

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