Covid-19 Policies

Covid-19 Policies

To all clients of Buddy’s Pet Resort at our Birdsboro location

We hope that you and your family and pets are well during this COVID-19 pandemic.  We wanted to update you on how we are complying with the Governor’s directive for operation of essential businesses. Following are the procedures that allow us to provide Boarding, Daycare, In-House Grooming, Mobile Grooming and Transports under the COVID-19 Guidance.
We request that all customers please wear a mask while on the premises or in contact with a company employee during operations.

When a customer does not wear a Mask

Social distancing policy: Drop off.
1.     Customer will call prior to arrival with an estimated time of arrival.
2.     If bringing vaccination records, scan or take a picture and send to us by email or text.
3.     No beds, toys or misc. items are to be customer provided.  We only need their food; we have beds for all pets.
4.     When dropping off, open kennel gate and place your pet in the middle play area and leave the food outside the play area gate.
5.     Any special instructions can be verbalized to attendant from a distance when dropping off or emailed – texted.

Social distancing policy: Pick Up.
1.     Customer will call with approx. Pick-up time.
2.     We will confirm invoice amount verbally or by email.
3.     Customer will pay by credit card over the phone.  If cash or check payment is preferred, please place in an envelope, and leave outside the office front door.
4.     Pet will be in the outside play area along with remaining food.
5.     Copy of receipt will be emailed to customer.

Social Distancing for Mobile Grooming
1. Customer will wear a mask when in close contact with Groomer.
2. Groomer can provide a Mask, Gloves or sanitizer as needed.

We recognize the inconvenience of these policies however they are designed to comply with the Governor’s directives and keep all parties as safe as possible during this crisis.
Barbara & Kevin